A keepsake book for science-minded parents! Track and record all of your baby's early milestones with this gorgeous and cheerful lab notebook. There's an Abstract, Methodology, Data and Results, plus plenty of room for all of the standard baby book details.

Inclusive wording means this baby book will work for most families!
Wait, a baby book that works for single parents or LGBTQ? Yes! Does it work even if your baby joined your family via IVF or adoption or something even more complicated and exciting? Absolutely! Is yours the traditional story where boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl has a baby and girl records the baby's milestones in the coolest-ever baby keepsake book? We've got you covered!

The book includes pages that cover:

  • all of the basic arrival stats
  • family background
  • anticipation! Whether you adopt or go through pregnancy or sit in the car while your outlaw husband steals a baby from rich people who've got more'n they can handle, the waiting is the hardest part
  • naming worksheet -- important considerations in Venn diagram form
  • details about the where and when -- works for hospital birth, home birth, back seat of the car on the side of the highway birth...
  • cultural context -- current events/popular culture trends/including geeky details like current scientific debates, projects, and online roleplaying games.
  • first days, first visitors, about your first home, gifts, what that first week was like
  • parental sleep stats
  • firsts -- like bath, outing, babysitter, illness, toys, nicknames, smile, laugh, solid food, tooth, haircut, early physics experiments (which can include standing/walking/etc)
  • Favorite and least favorite things
  • first major holiday
  • motor reflexes
  • height and weight chart
  • 1 year celebration
  • 2 year celebration
  • 3 year celebration
  • spaces for attaching photos
  • place for baby's handprints and footprints
  • several blank pages at the end for any other details or keepsakes
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